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Introducing a smarter approach to private aircraft management.

Planet Nine Private Air offers a personalized approach to aircraft management services of ultra-long range jets. From helping owners get more from their investments to customizing travel plans, we’re redefining the world of private aviation. 

Exceptional support for your investment.


Partner with seasoned experts.

With our consistency and transparency, we make owning an aircraft easy. Secure the best return on investment while enjoying unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

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Ready for your departure.

Private Jet Charter

Ready for your departure.

Our on-demand approach allows us to accommodate even the busiest schedules – fly where you want, when you want. Travel to any corner of the globe in style.

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Our fleet

Engineered for long-haul journeys.

Thanks to our cutting-edge fleet of Falcon, Bombardier, and Gulfstream ultra-long range aircraft, no destination is out of reach. With our owned and managed Falcon, Bombardier, and Gulfstream models, we operate a floating fleet model for ultimate convenience and competitive pricing.



Peace of mind at 40,000 feet.

Thanks to the industry’s highest safety ratings, in-depth aviation training, and advanced control systems, you can relax knowing you’re protected at every stage of your journey. Our passengers’ safety is priority #1.

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In-flight Experience

Luxury tailored to your tastes.

Stepping onboard a Planet 9 aircraft is like arriving at a private boutique hotel. High-end cabin interiors, luxe amenities, and the freshest cuisine make for an exquisite experience. Experience Luxury tailored to your tastes.


Planet 9 Programs

Exceeding your expectations.

From private security options to accommodation for pets, our programs are tailored to your preferences. Expect a wide range of options for making travel simpler and more enjoyable.

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