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We chose to call ourselves Planet Nine because our namesake is a “hypothetical planet that is believed to be 10 times the mass than Earth and located in the dark, outer reaches of the solar system.” Like our namesake there is nothing else like us because we have designed our operation to be “9” times better than our competition. Here are just 9 of the most compelling reasons why you should choose Planet Nine.
Why Planet 9

Dedicated to Safety

Operational safety is our main priority therefore our in-house technicians undergo comprehensive training with the manufacturer Dassault specific to the Falcon 7X and only work on one type of aircraft to ensure maximum safety. All our domestic and international flights are closely followed by the Dassault Falcon Care Team to help support our aircraft at all times.


Innovative Technology

The highly–advanced cockpit makes the Falcon 7X the most precise and controllable aircraft in the sky. The 7X is the first business jet in the world to feature a full Digital Flight Control System. This technology gives more precise handling and reduced workload, thus improving safety, it also mitigates the effects of turbulence for a quieter and smoother ride.


Lowest carbon footprint

The advanced design techniques enable the Falcon 7X to burn less fuel and reduce carbon emissions by 30%+ against its ultra-long competitors. Additionally, Planet Nine participates in carbon offsetting through its partner TerraPass to achieve carbon neutrality and also endeavors to keep use of non-essential plastic onboard to a minimum.


Tri-Engine Security

The tri-engines provide slower, safer approach and landing speeds. The three engine configuration also gives peace of mind on long transoceanic routes and over uninhabited areas.


Competitive pricing

Ad-hoc charter and tailored flight programs with Planet Nine are far more cost advantageous than the high investment costs and operating costs associated with acquiring your own aircraft. Our fleet of Falcon 7X are priced at competitive rates based on point to point flying.


Global Presence

With offices in Los Angeles, New York and London our floating fleet model allows us to pick you up from anywhere in the world. Our sales team around the world is available 24/7 to assist with your charter needs.


Unsurpassed Versatility

Planet Nine can take you where others cannot. Our aircraft can operate from runways less than 4,000 feet long such as Cannes and out of high altitude challenging airports like Aspen. The 7X can land at almost 90 percent of its maximum takeoff weight so it can perform multiple short and long flights without having to refuel.


Impeccable Customer service

Our team are committed to delivering high standards with care and meticulous attention to detail, dedication to our clients utmost comfort and focus on absolute safety. Every Planet Nine flight operates with our discreet, elegant and above all extremely resourceful cabin attendant onboard.


Comfortable Cabin

We have ensured a brand new interior offering uncompromised quality of travel in a whisper-quiet and comfortable 3-zone cabin with plenty of natural light through 28 large windows. At an altitude of 41,000 feet, passengers enjoy a comfortable cabin pressure of 3,950 feet. Climate controls keep temperature constant within one degree and air is humidified and refreshed. This is a cabin that enhances your well-being throughout a long flight.

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