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Our fleet of ultra-long range tri-jet Falcon 7X are the first business jets to be equipped with a Digital Flight Control System (fly-by-wire) providing the highest level of safety and reliability. Until now, the Falcon 7X has never been properly featured or consistently offered in the global charter marketplace and Planet Nine is pleased to be a trendsetter in this regard.
  • Ultra-Long Range Jet
  • Digital Flight Control System
  • Tri-Engine
  • Max Range 5,950 nm
Environment efficiency

Environment & Efficiency

The Falcon 7X’s lightweight, refined aerodynamics and outstanding advanced design techniques enable the aircraft to be 33%+ more fuel and CO2 efficient making it the most fuel efficient aircraft in the industry. Remarkably with the significant increase in efficiency thru superior design, cabin size is not sacrificed.

Operational Benefits

Operational Benefits

The Falcon 7X is designed to operate into and out of challenging airports and short runways such as Aspen and Cannes. It also has the ability to get into steep approach airports such as London City.

Most Advanced Avionics

Most Advanced Avionics

The Falcon 7X is the first business jet in the world to feature a full Digital Flight Control System. Being equipped with fly-by-wire technology offers outstanding handling performance, improving the aircraft’s stability and maneuvering ability regardless of speed, altitude and weight.

Tri-engine Safety

Tri-engine Safety

Being equipped with three engines affords the 7X extra margins of safety and reliability. The tri-engine also enables direct flights and increased flexibility when traveling over large stretches of open ocean when compared with it’s twin-engine competitors.

Ultra Long Range

The Falcon 7X offers similar mission capabilities to its ultra-long range competitors but with using far less fuel and far more airport options. The tri-engine enables the Falcon 7X to be the only business jet that can consistently connect Aspen to London and Cannes to Teterboro with direct nonstop flight service.

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