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First-Class vs. Private Jet: Why Private Jet Wins Every Time

August 17, 2020

For many travelers, the first class/business class flying experience is the only way to go. You get roomier seats, upgraded services, and the chance to board and disembark before anyone else. But even with these perks, you’ll still hear people lamenting the end of the Golden Age of air travel, when the flight itself was actually enjoyable — enough so that it was actually a highlight of the trip.

Even the most die-hard business class devotees have to admit they wish there were better options. That’s where private jet travel comes in. Below, we’ll compare business class with private charter flights, to see how the typical upgraded air travel experience stacks up against private air, which is now more accessible than ever. You might be surprised by how this alternative form of traveling compares to what’s generally regarded as the most luxurious way to fly.


It’s an understatement to say that nobody ever craves the food served on an airplane. Though some airlines have tried to clean up their culinary act when it comes to meals served in first class, all too often, freshness is lacking, options are limited, and serving sizes are small. On Planet 9’s charter flights on the other hand, you’re served 5-star meals by flight attendants who received world-renowned culinary training and have the skills to make meal service a real pleasure, instead of an afterthought. From making recommendations and cooking to plating and wine tasting, our attendants deliver an exceptional experience from start to finish.

As a matter of fact, you can choose what you’d like to eat for before you depart, and our flight attendants will do whatever they can to source it for you. You can even get your preferred beverages, including fresh-made cocktails and custom espresso drinks.

And you can feel good knowing we’ve incorporated green practices into our meal service, reducing food waste, limiting the use of non-essential plastic onboard, and using fair trade, organic, non-GMO, nontoxic, compostable products.

Sleeping Arrangements

There’s no getting around the need to sleep during long-haul or overnight flights. In business class, often the best you can do is recline a bit, put on your eye mask, and hope for the best. In some cases, you’ll get a lie-flat seat, but who really gets a restful experience in an aircraft filled with dozens or even hundreds of other people?

If you really want to stretch out completely, our aircraft have the space to allow us to make a bed for you, complete with comfy mattress pads and pressed cotton sheets. We’ll set you up with luxury amenities like sleeping masks, slippers, ear plugs, and even toiletries. You can use our Bose headphones and iPads preloaded with current films to lull yourself to sleep. It’s like having your own personal hotel in the sky!


Having more leg room is nice, but it’s not the same as having space to yourself. In the typical business class seats, you’re still within earshot of that screaming baby, and still close enough to get a whiff of another passenger’s pungent tuna sandwich. Even the very best first-class seats with dividers only give you slightly more privacy than normal.

But many of Planet 9’s aircraft are built with enclosed estate rooms that give you 100% privacy. Leave the door open or closed as you see fit. Should you need anything, you can simply hit a button to notify an attendant. And speaking of crew, our aircraft are manned by only two or three pilots and one flight attendant, making for a calm, stress-free experience. 


Business class flights still run on schedules designed by the airline, so you have no choice but to choose from a set timetable of departure times. That can be problematic if you’re not a fan of getting up extra early for flights or landing way past your bedtime.

By contrast, you get the freedom to choose what time you depart when you opt for a private jet travel. Even better, our ultra-long range aircraft can access airports that are located closer to your destination, making it easier to get into vacation mode without delay.

Hassle-Free Security

Nobody likes waiting in lines, especially if you have a long flight ahead of you. Getting through TSA and all the steps that come with it — from taking off your shoes to removing your laptop from your bag — are a pain, plain and simple. And that’s not even counting navigating the airport.

Imagine skipping security and simply driving right up to the aircraft to board, then having custom agents come onboard to do their due diligence after you land — all straightforward and quick. There’s no waiting for bags, either, once you land. These are just some of the ways private jet flights make it easier and quicker to get in the sky and to your final destination.   

Pet-Friendly Services

When you’re looking at first-class vs. private jet travel, one thing to consider is whether you’re bringing Fido along on your trip. Even when you’ve booked yourself the best seats on a commercial flight, pets that can’t accompany you in the cabin have to endure an experience that’s nowhere near first-class.

Most likely, they’ll have to be transported in the cargo hold, which can be a risky and frightening ordeal for your furry friend. When you fly with Planet 9, we welcome pets onboard regardless of size (just be sure to let us know ahead of time!). We’ll make sure your pet receives the same VIP treatment you do.

Specially Curated Experiences

An upgraded flight experience is often prompted by a special event or moment in your life, and we never miss the opportunity to make it one to remember. From helping to celebrate a birthday with cake or gift bags to serving up tasty margaritas on a vacation to Mexico, we look for ways to provide thoughtful touches. This is one of those perks that makes deciding between private jet or first class a no-brainer.

Ready to see for yourself how Planet 9 Private Air’s charter flights give you a much more enjoyable experience than even the best business class seats? Get in touch today to learn more about your options.

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