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Hotel Stays & Sanitizing: How to Ensure a Clean Hotel Room

May 5, 2020

During the current epidemic known as Covid-19 we are all fully aware of how to keep ourselves and others safe by washing out hands and our keeping a distance of at least six feet from others when leaving home. Millions are staying home during this time as per local government regulations, while many aviation professionals are still hard at work providing essential travel services, worldwide. On the road, crews and passengers must take extra precautions to keep themselves healthy in their home away from home…the hotel. Although hotels are taking extra precautionary measures to ensure immaculate cleanliness, there can still be places that need a bit of extra attention. Here are some tips on disinfecting your hotel room on arrival in any city.

First things first, wash your hands. 

Car doors, credit cards being handed to reception, elevator buttons, and hotel room doors, all things that you touched without even realizing they’ve been touched by lots of other people. Wash your hands the second you get to your room. Although gloves aren’t mandatory, they can be very helpful in protecting yourself. 

Breakout the wipes. 

Time to wipe down the areas you and others would touch the most including any light switches (walls and lamps), as well as sink taps, door knobs (including closets) thermostats, curtain pulls, tv controls, as well as any remotes. Pro Tip: I like to fill a 3 oz travel size spray bottle with Lysol all purpose cleaner for easy cleaning. 

The bathroom.

Wiping down taps is a must, and if you do have gloves wiping the toilet (or at least the flush handle) is another precautionary measure to ensure your safety against the virus. Absolutely avoid using any glass drink-ware, as they may not be disinfected.  

Living and sleeping areas.

Even pre corona times, these areas were not safe. Be sure to remove throw pillows and bed scarves and place out of the way. These are unlikely to be washed in most hotels. If you happen to have a kitchen area, use the hottest setting on your dishwasher to ensure your dishes and flatware are clean before as well as wiping down any door pulls, countertops, and appliances.

Your luggage and shoes.

Often overlooked, our suitcases and carry-ons are the real troopers all year long. They get beat up, dragged across dirty floors, handled by strangers regularly and finally make it to their destination with all our essential items safe inside. It takes two seconds to sanitize the wheels and handles. Along with the suitcase, your shoes should also be sanitized often, as well. 

Outside your room.

Avoiding public areas for the time being is the best precaution you can take. This includes any pools or jacuzzis, exercise facilities, restaurants and lounges, which are likely closed anyway, depending on location. When going to public places for essential items like the grocery store, pharmacy, etc. make sure to carry hand sanitizer on you, and keep a safe distance from others as best you can. Use an Uber X over mass transit, delivery over pick up, contactless payments, any way you can avoid close contact with others you are protecting yourself and others. 

Click here for more information about Covid-19 Precautions and Advisories.

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